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Below are FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme. Below are some FAQ and common concerns related to our cards as well as our shipping and return policies.

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Need Help?

If you have other questions, please feel free to message us through the chatbox on the bottom right, Instagram @PokeOricaSTCG, or

We'll get back to you usually within the day including weekends!

Shipping and Refunds

Typically, we use USPS for most orders. Standard untracked envelope, USPS First Class, and Priority Mail shipping all utilize USPS. Heavier orders which is usually reserved for large items typically uses UPS.
Most non-custom card request orders will typically go out within two to three business days of ordering unless very large. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped. Custom orders typically take one or two additional business days to process.
Ultimately, it depends on where you are located and the shipping service paid for. Standard envelope has the highest variance with shipping times as fast as 2 business days and as long as 10 business days. Typically First Class shipping arrives within 4-5 business days after being sent out.
Business days are Monday-Friday with no formal business hours. Occasionally We may ship out orders on Saturday as well!
If your cards didn't arrive, which has happened a few times in case of selecting Untracked Envelope shipping, please contact us! We'll let you know of any updates or replace your order!
If there are any issues with your order, please contact us! We make sure all our customers are happy and if there are any issues we'll work with you to resolve them.

Typically, we do reply on the weekends but don't send out orders. Instagram is where you're most likely to find me!

Questions about our Products

Yes actually, check any of our catalogs or use the search bar for our "Make your own Card!" listing. There you can provide us with your requested art and we'll send you a mockup draft of the design within a day or two, after approval, we'll make the physical cards and send them out!
Unfortunately, at this time, our cards are not textured. We are looking to upgrade to a Professional/Industrial printer with texturing capability in the future. Cards have a glossy finish.
We are looking to expand to other TCGs in the future, but we are currently only involved in Pokémon custom cards.
I'm good, how are you? ūüźô